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Every company aims to have an increased profit and productivity each year. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea and important part to have training development in your annual business plan. Lots of well known companies do incorporate and choose training developments for their organization workforce.

The team responsible for design and project management will learn and enjoy our many choices of course programs to suite. Our courses will aid and transform your employees into experts in using the applications. Move your design and technical team to be BIM ready to handle more and bigger projects confidently.

Now we offer quality training courses at competitive prices to suite your design and technical team needs to improve and learn more. Choose the right course to suite your team requirements.

Please do not hesitate to email to training@bina-i.com or call us at 603-7954 2462 if you have further questions.

Bina-I October Training Schedule Bina-I October Training Schedule

Making the right choices

Start early and gain knowledge of modern advanced BIM technologies and processes that will be beneficial. Learn and develop essential skills to deliver better value through integrated design and project delivery faster and more efficient.

If you are interested in these fundamental how BIM methodology changes and occurring across the construction industry, and collaborating in an efficient multidisciplinary environment in the design and construction phases with the support of advanced BIM technology tools, this is the course for you. It provides the skills and competencies to support integrated design and delivery solutions and the coordination of roles and responsibilities for AEC professionals. Call now at 603-7954 2462 for more details.