Facilities Management


FM:Systems helps facilities and real estate professionals improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase productivity enterprise-wide. FM:Systems created FM:Interact, a Cloud-based Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) which can help to improve the management of space, occupancy, assets, moves, maintenance, leases and property.

Customer results include:

  • Occupancy costs reduced by 15 percent
  • Move spend reduced by 83 percent
  • Average annual enterprise productivity savings of $1.5 million
  • An internal customer satisfaction rate of 97 percent

Many of the world’s leading organizations rely on FM:Systems products, including CA Technologies, FINRA, Freddie Mac, Herman Miller, Indiana University, Lockheed Martin, Northwestern University, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and Target stores.


BIM has certainly proven its value in building design and construction. FM:Systems flagship FM:Interact facility management platform can support phases of a building’s lifecycle with BIM methodology. BIM related 3D model detail can be imported and interact into FM:Interact with ease.

Improved Facilities Better Bottom Line.

A global facilities team delivered 15% savings in occupancy costs by decreasing its real estate footprint and eliminating excess vacancy.

Streamline Your Processes.

“For every ten minutes we spent prior to FM:Interact, we now spend only one minute.” – Bob Donohue, Space Planning Manager at Mathworks.

A Powerfully Simple Choice

Find out how the FM:Interact Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) can help you better manage your facilities portfolio more effectively.

Manage your Dynamic Workplace

FM:Interact version 8.3 offers a variety of new features and capabilities that will allow organizations to rapidly respond to changing requirements across their entire real estate portfolio.

Your organization. organized at last.

FM:Interact is modular, flexible, easy-to-use software that enables organizations to access and analyze facilities, real estate and maintenance information in real time.

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