Novade Quality


Enterprise App to manage Inspections, Checklists and Handover

Do you have the following problems…..

  • Is the inspection and handover process of your construction projects managed efficiently and effectively?
  • Are your teams consuming time and energy to manually track all defects during pre-inspections, handover or Defects Liability Period?
  • Do you have visibility on all the issues?
  • Do you have an efficient process to manage defects resolution?
  • Are your customers satisfied with current manual process?

Manage project quality from Construction to Handover
Novade Quality is a complete solution engaging all key stakeholders on the project:

  • Teams in the field can easily conduct inspections and lodge defect information with mobile devices. They can also complete and validate quality checklists.
  • Sub-contractors can be informed in real time: once a defect is confirmed and assigned, the sub-contractor can access and update information on their mobile device.
  • Management and project teams can track and monitor the status of all defects and quality checklists. Dashboards and reports are automatically generated.
  • Architects and consultants can be included in the approval process. For residential pro-jects during the handover phase, homeowners can also be involved in the process.

Novade Quality is a formidable platform to improve quality. By using standard definitions and checklists, you can analyse data, identify trends, draw correlations and ultimately improve quality on projects while reducing costs.


Introducing Novade Quality for developers and general contractors


Improve Inspection productivity with mobile devices

  • Novade Quality is available on iOS phones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets.
  • The application can work offline; data is synchronized automatically.
  • Lodge defects during inspections: select standard descriptions, take pictures, annotate the pictures, locate defects on a drawing
  • Assign work on the spot with starting date, completion date and contractor.
  • Confirm rectification and get customer acknowledgement with digital signature.
    Select, complete, sign and submit checklists from any area.

Get full control and visibility with desktop access

  • Works on all modern internet browsers: Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari.
  • Monitor real time project information on multiple dashboards.
  • Export data in PDF or excel format for distribution and further analysis.
  • Configure defect rectification process for each project
  • Customize Quality checklists to meet existing formats and workflows.
  • Administration is simple and flexible: create, modify and deploy in real time project con-figuration, master list, checklists and user rights.

Call us at +603-7954 2462 for a live demo appointment

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