4D BIM + Project Planning

Bridging 4D BIM Construction Sequence Planning within affordable reach with new module Asta Powerproject BIM

What is 4D BIM?
4th Dimension in Building Information Modeling methodology phase involves pre-planning and post planning construction activities at site. 4D BIM phase involves incorporating 3D model elements from the design team to be linked with construction project planning activities created from planning management tools such like Oracle Primavera, Asta Powerproject, and Microsoft Project. Early pre-planning construction sequences analysis provide rich information in 3D simulated construction visual to planning team to review planning  and construction activities that will moves through its phases, workforce, equipment and logistics at project sites. It provides design and construction team on site to have clearer picture on how construction and building works unfold throughout the project life cycles before and during construction.

Asta Powerproject BIM with 4D planning

Asta Powerproject BIM Features


Connecting open BIM IFC format exchange model into a single easy to use project planning platform for planning engineers within affordable reach with Asta Powerproject BIM module.  Working closer between planning team and design team are now easier to share and communicate the data rich 3D BIM model alongside with Gantt Chart Link project activities to review  and plan in one easy accessible application.

•Quickly create your project plan directly from your IFC model file by:
Dragging and dropping objects between the 3D view and tasks
Using structured templates with predefined searches to automatically link to the IFC model objects
Splitting 3D elements down into sub-sections to allow separate scheduling
• Compare `planned’ and `actual’ schedule plans with full 3D visual impact
• Create and play a time-line of your project linked to milestones and baselines to simulate subsections or whole projects
• Manage large projects with the ability to save snapshot positions to enable quick navigation
• Save images to standard graphical formats to use for reporting or site recording of project status
• Use full property controls for visual impact and ability to hide and view objects
• Manage your 4D planning at an affordable cost
• Prepare tenders and manage progress monitoring in 3D
• Import costs from estimating applications supporting the IFC file format
• Overlaying of multiple IFC files – Allow separate IFC models to be imported e.g. Steelwork, Electrical etc & allow import of site objects such as cranes
• Multiple 3D views  – Run two different 3D views alongside each other e.g. compare the effect of the current plan versus the original baseline
• TimeLiner enhancements e.g. define in which direction an object is shown being constructed. Some objects may be built from left to right, others from back to front etc
• 3D Video generation  – Provide 3D video export functionality into industry-standard formats such as AVI & MP4

Asta Bim1

Benefits including identifying spatial conflicts, logistic planning and safety risks were usually difficult to detect, plan and managed were now able to be analysed with the 4D BIM model visually. 3D visual provide the ability to see virtually and analyse what if scenario for better outcome. Thus BIM methodology is not restricted to sharing information and visual. BIM is beyond on how you want to use the rich information created in the BIM model from 2D to 6D and beyond.

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