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Project Tracker is a Windows based application that imports project information from Oracle Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and Asta Powerproject* to create S-Curves which are used to analyze the progress of the project.

Project Tracker has the following ability to

  • Import projects and baselines from Microsoft Project
  • Import projects and baselines from Asta Powerproject
  • Create S curves without assigning costs or resources
  • Create S curves without having to export to Excel
  • Payback after first progress reporting period
  • View Gantt chart under S curve
  • Fully configurable
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Filter by WBS or Activity code
  • Batch print for multiple one click reports
  • Text based progress report included
  • Add text to curves
  • Create and save views of filtered curves
  • Dynamic feedback of progress status at any point
  • Create forecast lines based on current progress rate
  • Create recovery program lines
  • Activity properties pane to view activities
  • Save data to xml to share with other users
  • Logo and version control on printouts


Project Tracker is a 100% Web based Project Office (PMO) software solution that helps your organization’s Project Office to manage its portfolio more effectively and reduce costs, by providing tools, reports and functions that simplify the tracking, scheduling and management of work and resources. Organizations can also better manage initiatives using other modular Tracker applications such as Time Reporting.

Diagram of how a PMO organization might utilize a software solution like Project Tracker.Net

Project prioritization software Project office issue management Successful project office Project office resource management Increase productivity Financial controls in the Project Office Best practices Improve Visibility

Implementing a PMO solution can increase the number of projects completed on-time and on-budget, and ensure that resources are neither overloaded nor under-utilized within the organization. However, the amount of work this entails places a heavy burden on a Project Office that is relying on spreadsheets to track initiatives and resources. Project Tracker provides a single, online portal for your Project Office, from which it can gather, combine and view the data it needs for true business intelligence.

What sets this solution apart from others is its integration capabilities with email platforms, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Web based email systems such as Gmail. The integration provided by our Web based software offers your strategic PMO unique workflow opportunities as well as improved communication.

The benefits of a PMO utilizing our software include:

  • Leveraging the visibility of projects to regulate more efficiently.
  • Complete resource allocation to decrease duplication and save time and money.
  • Structure and control to help stay on schedule.
  • Retention of best practices to determine methodologies that are successful.
  • Instant information and reports that can export to Excel, Power Point and more.
  • Role based options to provide accountability and security.

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