– a time-location planning software for managing linear construction projects, basically infrastructure projects.

– used in different construction industries, like Highway-, Railway-, Pipeline- and Tunnel construction, but also in Water Engineering or Transmission Line Building.


DAY 1: Basic Knowledge

  • Introduction to Linear Planning and Scheduling Concept
  • Understanding and using the graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Creating TILOS project files / project template concept
  • Creating objects / tasks including task calculation, color scheme, annotation and structure
  • Creating and using task templates
  • Creating/modifying time scales, distance scales and grids
  • Inserting, positioning and processing of graphics like drawings etc.
  • Creating distance profiles, diagrams and histograms
  • Creating and using new symbols
  • Modeling task calculation types for duration, productivity rate, quantity estimations
  • Linking task types
  • Creating and using calendars
  • Creating and linking tasks and rescheduling
  • Creating and using task groups

DAY 2: In-depth Basic Knowledge

  • Creating histograms along time axis
  • Creating histograms along distance axis
  • Commenting the view: legends, logos, stamp fields
  • Time – Distance diagram printing
  • Layout and cell concept
  • Creating own views and cell systems
  • Creating and assigning WBS to tasks
  • Creating and assigning Categories to tasks
  • Layer and filter techniques, Sorting and Grouping
  • Creating Gantt charts
  • Analyzing Linear Project Case Study in Tilos
  • Exercises

DAY 3: Resource & Cost Planning and Progress

  • Resource and cost planning & controlling on time – distance axis
  • Task calculation with resource assignment
  • Evaluation: cost and resource histograms / resource bar charts
  • Progress Types
  • Progress Analysis
  • Micro progress
  • Linear progress management: Baselining
  • Comparison of planned and actual data using Dashboards

Data exchange and Clash detection

  • Time based Gantt Chart and Distance based Gantt Chart
  • Data exchange with P6
  • Multiple project and Contractor management
  • Clash detection management
  • Mass Haulage Planning and Controlling
  • Analyzing Linear Project Case Study in Tilos
  • Exercises


Normal Fee: RM3,800 per pax
3 days Course [2 days Basic + 1 day Advanced]

For course registration, please fill in the registration form and send us back for seat booking or email your registration request to: / /

For further information, please call us @ 03-79542462.

We look forward to your participation!


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