New mobile CPUs offer double-digit single core performance improvements and up to 19% better multi-core performance compared to the previous gen.

Intel has launched its new 11th Generation Intel Core H-series (code-named “Tiger Lake-H”) and Intel Xeon W-11000 series mobile processors.

Both families of processors will soon be available in mobile workstations from all the leading manufacturers. This includes the new HP ZBook G8 family and the Dell Precision 3561, 5560, 7560, 5760 and 7760, which we explore here and here.

According to Intel, the new mobile processors feature double-digit single core performance improvements, (which is important for CAD and BIM software) and up to 19% better multi-core performance improvements (which is important for multi-threaded applications like rendering, simulation, photogrammetry and point cloud processing).

Single and dual-core turbo performance goes up to 5.0GHz, while the maximum 8 core turbo goes up to 4.5GHz.

There are two Intel Xeon W-11000 series mobile processors, the Intel Xeon W-11955M, (8 Cores, 2.60GHz up to 5.00GHz) and the Intel Xeon W-11855M (6 Cores, 3.20GHz up to 4.90GHz), both of which support ECC memory.

There are several 11th Gen Intel Core processors, including the top end Intel Core i9-11950H (8 Cores, 2.60GHz to 5.00GHz). Full details can be seen in the tables below. Some of the 11th Gen Intel Core models are labelled ‘consumer’ many will still be available in mobile workstations.

New platform features also include: 20 PCIe Gen 4.0 lanes, memory support up to DDR4-3200, 6GHz Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) support and Thunderbolt 4 with transfer speeds up to 40Gbps.

11th Gen Intel Core CAD

11th Gen Intel Core CAD

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