AEC Precast Construction Tools Description

IDAT GmbH is a Darmstadt-based software company. It specializes in the development of programs for the solution of technical problems in the construction industry. We develop software solutions for the following fields of operation:


Software for the Precast Concrete Industry

IDAT GmbH is an Autodesk® Developer that offers specialized functionality for the engineering part for BIM model created with Autodek® Revit or Autodesk® AutoCAD Architecture. With IDAT Precast Concrete extension carries the functionality for calculation, design and production planning of precast concrete parts which is developed by IDAT GmbH currently.

Revit Precast Tools extension will be developed to a complete solution for precast concrete design in the next coming months. The first two modules of that product family are released for the design of Solid Wall Panels and Hollowcore Slabs. Further modules for the design of other precast wall and slab types and also for columns, beams, stairs and facades will be released within the next following months.

IDAT Revit Precast is available in 2 different versions:

Revit Precast Engineering includes functionality for precast segment generation directly from Revit objects and assemblies (automatic segmentation of precast walls and slabs), functionality for reinforcement generation, material management and functions to generate and manage info for commercial accounting and estimation.

Revit Precast Factory includes additionally all functionality requested for the panel production like automatic generation of individual shop drawings and site plans and the generation of data for the CAD/CAM interface to run production machines and robots automatically. Furthermore data for the optional software IDAT-Stacker (for graphical transport stacking) and IDAT-Palettizer (production bed planning) will be offered.


Free Trial Technology Preview

Revit Precast Tools extension is available and compatible with Autodesk Revit 2014. Autodesk Revit 2014 is required to install IDAT Revit Precast Tools Extension. Download a free trial version from the link provided.


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