Arvizio Immerse 3D streams drone mapped 3D models and point clouds to HoloLens, Magic Leap and mobile devices

Arvizio Immerse 3D solution can now incorporate drone and UAV mapped 3D models and point clouds into multi-user, multi-location mixed and augmented reality collaborative sessions.

It means AEC firms can visualize and interact with 3D aerial photogrammetry and/or LiDAR scans for project planning, progress tracking and assessing short- and long-term changes, along with 3D CAD / BIM models and IoT data.

According to Arvizio, the addition of reality models provides a new dimension to design reviews, marketing demonstrations, new project pursuits and QA inspections.

Arvizio Immerse 3D uses ‘hybrid rendering’, a combination of dynamic level of detail processing and GPU accelerated rendering, to stream point clouds and ‘extremely large’ 3D CAD/BIM models to a variety of standalone mixed and augmented reality headsets and mobile devices. This includes Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap 1, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The software works with collaborative web meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Customers can use the GPU power of their PC, server or cloud-based virtual machine (VM) to stream their ‘industrial scale’ 3D models and point clouds over the wide area network (WAN) enabling multiple users to collaborate and work with the content. While in the meeting, participants can discuss and mark-up the 3D models in real time.

According to the company, the expanding installation of 5G networks will further enhance Arvizio’s low latency streaming capabilities.

“Drone reality capture offers reliable, high-resolution 3D imagery of vast areas and inaccessible locations, and the value of that collected data is growing,” said Jonathan Reeves, CEO at Arvizio.

“We are providing our customers the ability to use their drone captures as a digital twin in synchronized AR visualization sessions for impactful, accurate project planning, monitoring and reviews. In addition, the rollout of 5G networks will enhance the visualisation experience with our ability to offer low latency streaming over the WAN capabilities.”

Arvizio Immerse 3D

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