Arkio 1.5, the latest release of the collaborative spatial design tool, streamlines export speed and CAD to VR workflows

Arkio has introduced a new release of its collaborative spatial design tool focused on speed and workflows. According to the Icelandic company, Arkio 1.5 can now export large models from Revit and Rhino up to 10x faster.

In addition, users can now upload directly to Arkio on Quest and other mobile devices using Arkio Cloud, all from inside Revit and Rhino.

Version 1.5 also includes a number of performance and visual enhancements with better shadows and ambient occlusion on all supported devices.

Arkio now defaults to a smooth spectator camera when using PC VR and has improved the section tool to better support cutting of transparent geometry.

This release also includes a number of import, section and UI bug fixes.

Arkio allows AEC professionals to design interiors, sketch buildings and craft environments with their hands and collaborate using VR, desktop and mobile.

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