Grading automation, enhanced bridge design and improved model exploration added to infrastructure design tools

Autodesk has announced the 2022 releases of its infrastructure design tools InfraWorks and Civil 3D. New features include automation for site grading, improved multi-disciplinary bridge design workflows and more.

Civil 3D 2022, which is used for detailed infrastructure design and documentation, introduces Grading Optimisation.

The new feature, which is only available as part of the Autodesk AEC Collection, is designed to bring automation to manual site grading processes to help save time while optimising terrain surface and 3D geometry for further design.

Grading Optimisation works by taking used defined parameters and generating an optimal grading solution that is ‘mindful of earthwork quantities’. The result of the optimisation can be sent directly back to Civil 3D.

Other new features for Civil 3D 2022 include the expanded capabilities of the connected alignment workflow, particularly for complex intersections and interchanges, and an updated Project Explorer, which is designed to help users navigate, visualize, and interact with infrastructure design models in Civil 3D,

InfraWorks 2022, which is designed for aggregating data, visually evaluating design concepts, and communicating design intent, includes enhancements to the component road decoration tool, a new capability for bridge modelling (including an integration with Autodesk Inventor to help define new complex parametric girders), and enhanced integration with Autodesk’s ModelBuilder service that provides 3D context for quick conceptual modelling.

Project Explorer Civil 3D 2022
Project Explorer Civil 3D 2022

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