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Building for Everybody

We believe new technologies should benefit everyone. Digitization can help improve productivity, quality, and safety on sites. This matters not only for businesses, but for everybody. Why?

Because boosting productivity helps builders deliver affordable homes and infrastructure for all of us. Plus, delivering higher quality projects and well-maintained buildings improves our daily lives. And harvesting technology can make every construction site a safer place.

Novades all-in-one application includes modules to manage projects, quality, safety, resources, logistics and maintenance. All Novade modules are built on a common platform, enabling access and synchronization across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Learn More >

Manage Equipment Maintenance & Safety Processes Combine Logistics with Maintenance module to manage maintenance of equipment, Schedule maintenance inspections, Manage requests and repairs, Archive all records for your equipment.  Learn More >

Enable site supervisors to better enforce safety site processes by replacing paper forms with mobile devices equipped with digital forms following specific workflows. Allow anyone on site to quickly observe and submit Non Compliant Reports (NCRs). Dashboards are updated in real-time to monitor on whether site safety processes are followed. Learn More >

Manage maintenance contracts and scheduled services to ensure all assets are properly maintained. Use an online portal to schedule regular inspections and quickly identify the state of assets in the building. Record and archive all maintenance work reports for an audit trail when decommissioning assets or selecting upgrade works.                       Learn More >