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Digitizing Your Site Processes

Novades all-in-one application includes modules to manage projects, quality, safety, resources, logistics and maintenance. All Novade modules are built on a common platform, enabling access and synchronization across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Track and Manage Equipment & Materials

  • Centralized database for all equipment database including inventory, maintenance due, service history, location and allocation etc
  • Compile all equipment cost for an easy summary of all site costs based on equipment allocation.
  • Track vehicles, equipment and materials with geo tagging to locate assets on maps and reduce losses and theft.

Optimize Equipment Assignment

  • Optimize asset utilization and avoid unnecessary investments with quick forecast on their usage
  • Streamline and automate equipment transfer request between the construction site and logistics department.
  • Quickly identify under utilized assets or construction sites with over capacity.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair

  • Setup a maintenance schedule for each equipment and vehicle for automatic reminders to all relevant parties.
  • Ensure equipment operation health is maintained by implementing a daily checklist which you can monitor online.
Track & Manage Assets

  • Import your existing equipment information to create a central database.
  • Edit data for all equipment easily on the web or on mobile.
  • Access data in the field from any mobile device.
  • Locate assets on maps.
  • Dashboards provide critical information such as inventory, maintenance due, etc.
  • Use NFC Tags or QR Codes.

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Optimize Allocations

  • Manage allocations and transfer of assets from one site to the other in real time.
  • Optimize asset procurement with utilization forecast from projects.
  • Control equipment cost with daily forecasts for all projects.

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Manage Equipment Maintenance & Safety Processes

Combine Logistics with Maintenance module to manage maintenance of equipment:

  • Schedule maintenance inspections.
  • Manage requests and repairs.
  • Archive all records for your equipment.

Combine Logistics module with Safety module to manage equipment Safety processes:

  • Conduct daily checklists.
  • Manage equipment safety processes.
  • Access all Safety information in real time.

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  • Contractors with multiple worksites and a large inventory of equipment and vehicles.
  • Construction Equipment suppliers servicing a variety of worksites with various types of equipment.
  • Project Owners investing in special equipment for the project and wanting to protect their assets.


Novade Logistics allows you to optimize allocations, track and maintain assets while preventing

  • Logistics teams have an overview of assets across multiple projects
  • Project teams can manage, on a daily basis, information related to their project assets
  • Maintenance teams can access real-time information and history for all assets

Novade – Application Overview

Find out how Novade can help you say goodbye to paper! Our all-in-one platform will help you
digitize on-site processes, saving you time and money while also increasing productivity.

Novade Logistics

Novade Logistics is an enterprise app to manage equipment and materials on construction sites.

Novade Testimonial – Tiong Seng Holdings

Find out why Tiong Seng Holdings in Singapore uses Novade Quality, Safety, and Logistics on site
to help boost productivity.

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Novade Logistics Product Brochure – Download

Novade App

Novade Export Plugin

The Novade Export Plugin is now available on the Autodesk App Store. This plugin is used to
export 3D models from Revit to view in Novade

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Advantages of Autodesk

  • Vault facilitates design collaboration among large teams and it is easily scalable when a team grows.
  • Vault incorporates new features from Autodesk and Microsoft as they become available with software upgrades.
  • Vault manages shared objects when checking a drawing into the database.
  • You can use project templates when creating projects in Vault.
  • An optional multi-site Vault feature supports the sharing of individual vaults by workgroups in separate geographical locations. This feature supports the same data management and backup functionality that Vault provides on a local network.




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