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Digitizing Your Site Processes

Novades all-in-one application includes modules to manage projects, quality, safety, resources, logistics and maintenance. All Novade modules are built on a common platform, enabling access
and synchronization across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Locate and Track Assets

  • Manage your database of assets throughout the building facility with QR codes, BIM models and location tags.

Schedule Maintenance Work

  • Manage maintenance contracts and scheduled services to ensure all assets are properly maintained.
  • Use an online portal to schedule regular inspections and quickly identify the state of assets in the building.
  • Record and archive all maintenance work reports for an audit trail when decommissioning assets or selecting upgrade works.

Manage Repair Request

  • Enable building tenants to quickly identify issues and request for repair work.
  • Track all repair jobs and generate reports to monitor the performance of service providers and also quality of assets by vendor.

Create, Customize & Manage Your Database

  • Import data from Excel or use our web services and APIs to exchange data with your existing enterprise solution.
  • Add specific fields to match your current database structure.
  • Create custom checklists for each type of asset with customisable approval workflows.
  • Locate and access asset data with GPS tagging, Barcode Scanning, or NFC Tags.
  • Manage maintenance contracts and spare parts.

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Manage Preventive Maintenance

  • Schedule inspections online.
  • Notify technicians in real time.
  • Complete and submit maintenance checklists.
  • Approve and archive reports.
  • Access data analytics in real time on all your assets.

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Requests & Repairs

  • Collect requests from users with a mobile application.
  • Assign repair jobs to technicians in real time.
  • Approve and archive repair jobs.
  • Check time spent on each job.
  • Monitor Assets’ service level agreements.
  • Conduct data analytics on all your assets.

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Shopping Malls – multi-tenant buildings can be better managed with a mobile system that connects tenants with technicians for quick repair jobs.

Hospitals – track all important assets within a hospital and efficiently schedule and manage maintenance work with service providers to ensure everything is in top working condition.

Commercial Buildings – manage and monitor a buildings maintenance and repair work with digital data and archived reports for building owners.


Novade Maintenance helps schedule and automate inspections in the field, track repair activities and generate real-time reports.

Customers – Request repair jobs through their mobile device and access reports to update on the status.

Technicians – Conduct repair jobs with instant access to relevant information like location, asset info and job history.

Managers – Automate maintenance and repair work with an online dashboard that tracks job statuses and helps to quickly verify job completion.

Digital Construction Platform | Novade

The all-in-one Novade digital construction platform facilitates collaboration and process automation. The platform includes six modules: Quality, Safety-HSE, Reports, Maintenance, Workforce, and Activity

Novade Maintenance

Novade Maintenance helps schedule and automate inspections in the field, track repair activities and generate real-time reports.

Novade Testimonial – Tiong Seng Holdings

Find out why Tiong Seng Holdings in Singapore uses Novade Quality, Safety, and Logistics on site to help boost productivity.

Novade Testimonial – Clinique Genolier (EN | FR CC)

Find out how the Genolier Clinic in Switzerland uses the Novade Platform to have total control over its equipment.

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Novade Maintenance Product Brochure – Download

Novade App

Novade Export Plugin

  • The Novade Export Plugin is now available on the Autodesk App Store. This plugin is used to export 3D models from Revit to view in Novade

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