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Digitizing Your Site Processes

Novades all-in-one application includes modules to manage projects, quality, safety, resources, logistics, and maintenance. All Novade modules are built on a common platform, enabling access and synchronization across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Field Data Mobility

  • Synchronize and streamline all of your field data generated from the checklist, inspections and reports thus enabling real-time analysis, faster approvals, and better productivity.
  • Lodge defects or report safety issues and automatically assign the person-in-charge to respond immediately.
  • Go paperless by moving to mobile devices and enable richer field data reporting by including pictures, location tags, attach documents and much more.

Streamline Processes

  • Transfer your quality and safety management system online to create a rule-based system that ensures rigorous enforcement and control on key processes.
  • Track all processes to analyze productivity and have an audit trail for post mortem reports.

Advanced Analytics

  • Gain insight on performance and productivity by tracking all tasks at the Jobsite and monitoring their time taken to complete.
  • Compare vendors and subcontractors by analyzing their reporting issues complete with a robust audit trail.
  • Quickly generate reports and have real-time data accessible at any time.

Conduct quality inspections with digital forms

  • Customize digital forms such as structural, M&E, or architectural forms.
  • Deploy custom workflows for each digital form.
  • Complete the digital forms with mobile devices.
  • Access the latest drawings from mobile devices to facilitate quality control checks.
  • Digitally sign forms and automatically archive them for easy retrieval.
  • Monitor the status of all forms in real-time.


    Identify defects & manage rectification

    • Lodge defects during inspections: select standard description, take picture, annotate the picture, locate defects on a drawing.
    • Assign work on the spot with starting date, completion date, and contractor.
    • Give sub-contractors access to update information on their mobile devices.
    • Confirm rectification digitally.
    • Get acknowledgment from customers with digital signatures


      Manage handover & commission processes

      • Coordinate home inspections by scheduling appointments online.
      • Report issues discovered during the Defect Liability Period.
      • Provide homeowners with access to information on their home and track the status of rectifications.


The Novade Platform can be utilized on a wide range of project types


  • Manage inspections during Pre-Fabrication, Assembly and Construction.
  • Novade BIM integration allows 3D models to be imported into Novade and viewed online or on mobile devices.


  • Manage projects throughout the entire lifecycle from Construction, Handover to Operations.
  • Suitable for all civil engineering projects including roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, ports and airports.
  • Reduce labour intensive progress reports by capturing data digitally on mobile devices.



  • Monitor the performance of suppliers and sub-contractors by measuring their quality against defects reported and progress of rectification work.
  • Ensure installation of IBS components are according to spec with digital checklist on mobile devices for rigorous enforcement of standards.
  • Enforce site safety by enabling better reporting and monitoring of site safety issues through mobile devices.


  • Digitize key processes including project control, inspections, commissioning and handover to ensure a quality product is delivered to your customers.
  • Take control of the handover process and streamline the rectification process after handover to manage relationships with your clients and maximize customer satisfaction.

Digital Construction Platform | Novade – Application Overview

The all-in-one Novade digital construction platform facilitates collaboration and process automation. The platform includes six modules: Quality, Safety-HSE, Reports, Maintenance, Workforce, and Activity


Construction Quality Management Software | Novade Quality

Drive continuous improvement, reduce costs, and build enduring relationships with the Novade construction quality management software.



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Novade Homeowner Application

A short introduction on how homeowners can use the Novade app to manage defects and inspections.

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Novade Export Plugin
The Novade Export Plugin is now available on the Autodesk App Store. This plugin is used to export 3D models from Revit to view in Novade

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