Company making its 3D scanning platform available to young adults through Xcel Strategies’ mentoring program

Cintoo, along with the Autodesk Technology Impact Program, is helping young people gain essential training and knowledge in construction skills.

The company is making its Cintoo Cloud platform for managing 3D scanned data, available free to Xcel Strategies, a nonprofit organisation that mentors young people aged 15 – 25 in soft skills, job skills and trade skills for the construction industry.

The free offering also includes Autodesk Construction Cloud, AutoCAD, and NavisWorks.

“The coordination between Cintoo and Xcel to provide our comprehensive digital construction solutions to today’s youth underscores our joint commitment to supporting training initiatives including BIM and digital twin applications.

“Cintoo is delighted to be a proud sponsor along with Autodesk of the efforts that Xcel is providing to allow interested users to learn about the latest advancements in laser scanning by donating our browser-based solution, which allows any expert or non-expert access to high resolution 3D scans and models from anywhere at any time,” said Dominique Pouliquen, CEO and chief product officer at Cintoo.

Xcel Strategies offers a network of trained mentors in Georgia and South Florida. The organisation’s ‘Worx Mobile Training Units’ allow hands on access to tools, materials, and experiential learning.

Xcel’s mentoring program is holistic in its approach and design, providing mentoring, soft skills, and hands on career training in carpentry, electric, plumbing, HVAC, welding, auto mechanic and Virtual Design Construction (VDC).

Cintoo Cloud is cloud-based SaaS solution for managing 3D scanned data. It is agnostic to any scanning hardware and supports static & mobile laser scan data, drone data & 360 panoramic images.

Cintoo Cloud uses a point cloud-to-mesh engine that, according to the company, does not compromise on scan accuracy and density. It is connected to Autodesk Construction Cloud to enable QA/QC and issue tracking workflows for comparing as-builds to as-designed.

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