Digital twin for Lamina Tower in Saudi Arabia to be used for operations, and to enhance marketing and sales and the overall tenant experience

Cityzenith is to create a multi-purpose digital twin for an ultra-luxury residential skyscraper in the Middle East. The digital twin will be used for building operations and to enhance marketing and sales and the overall tenant experience through a mobile app.

The Lamina Tower is under construction at the Jeddah Corniche resort on the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, and with premium 10,000 ft² units revealing unobstructed views of the Red Sea from all rooms, is billed to be one of the most luxurious residential properties in the country.

“This is a breakthrough contract for a landmark building and location that highlights the fact that sophisticated real estate owners are getting smarter about digital twins, not just in the United States and Europe, but in the Middle East, Asia, and around the whole world,” said Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen.

Lamina Tower will be the first of several digital twin projects awarded by Lamina Tower developer, Hajaj & Associates, to Cityzenith over the next 24 months and totalling up to $1 million.

Under the agreement Cityzenith will deliver a 3D digital twin of the property and the surrounding area using Cityzenith’s SmartWorldOS digital twin desktop application.

The software will be installed securely on the premises and is primarily intended for use by building operations professionals, architects, engineers, and contractors.

A web-based application version of SmartWorld will be embedded in the Hajaj website for sales and marketing, to allow prospective buyers tour the property ‘virtually’, from outside the building to inside individual units.

A mobile application will also connect residents to important services, as Jansen explains, “Residents will have access to a mobile version of SmartWorldOS, delivering a fully integrated and connected experience allowing them to find parking, book appointments such as the spa or beauty salon, check out local restaurants, inspect security camera footage in real time inside and outside the building, customise temperature preferences at home, switch lights on/off, lock/unlock doors and so much more to complement life at Lamina.”

“All of this is made possible by our SmartWorldOS Digital Twin platform. Digital Twins are virtual replicas of physical buildings and infrastructure connected to the data in and around them and are used to optimise design, construction, and ongoing operations and management functions.”

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