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Radeon Pro W7900 Dual Slot launches

Slimmed down board helps make AMD’s flagship workstation GPU a viable option for multi-GPU workflows, including AI AMD has slimmed down its flagship professional workstation GPU, the AMD Radeon Pro W7900 (read our review), introducing a new dual slot version of the...

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Towards open AEC systems

In light of the major API deal recently signed between Nemetschek and Autodesk, Martyn Day explores this new approach to openness at Autodesk and notes that, this time around, things seem a little different As far as interoperability is concerned, from the get-go, the...

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BIM workflow compression with Skema

Looking at the latest batch of design-oriented start-ups, it’s easy to think of these new BIM applications as shiny new replacements for their older, more monolithic predecessors – but in fact, many of the newcomers are engineered to work with existing BIM tools to...

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AEC Magazine May / June 2024 Edition

In our May / June 2024 edition of AEC Magazine we explore openess in AEC, preview our increadible NXT BLD and NXT DEV conference, which take place in London on 25/26 June, report on a new AI plug-in that generates Revit models from 2D plans, plus plenty more on BIM,...

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Dassault Systèmes in AEC

A market leader in the manufacturing space, with brands including Solidworks and Catia, Dassault Systèmes is developing a new generation of AEC tools, which aim to cross the chasm between digital design and digital manufacture. We talked to Jonathan Asher, the DS...

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Twinview (digital twins)

Space Group is not only an architecture firm, but also a hotbed of AEC-related software development. The company’s technology portfolio includes Twinview, one of the most advanced BIM digital twin offerings available, as Martyn Day reports It’s been a few years since...

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NXT DEV 2024 – defining AEC software

NXT DEV is where designers, developers, financiers and design IT directors discuss the software needs of our industry, to better shape next gen tools. Your insights and expertise are invaluable. We can’t wait to hear your voice NXT DEV is a unique experence. For one...

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Cyberattacks: safeguarding contractors

It’s every construction firm’s biggest nightmare: criminals taking control of their data and holding them to ransom. Ben Wallbank, Trimble, shares some best practices to mitigate cyberattacks Cybersecurity and cybercrime often conjure up images of hackers in dark...

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