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Autodesk links Revit to Rhino with new connector

With the release of the Data Exchange Connector for McNeel Rhino public beta, Autodesk is aiming to make it easier to share data between the popular concept modelling tool and Revit Autodesk has long been trying to improve data flow between its disparate applications....

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BIM Track NextGen Viewer out in beta

BIM / VDC coordination and collaboration software developer claims it is the fastest web-based viewer on the market BIM Track has launched the public beta of a NextGen Viewer for its BIM / VDC coordination and collaboration web platform. According to the Canadian...

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Intel gets first Arc Pro GPU win with Lenovo

Arc Pro A30M, the entry-level discrete laptop GPU, should give Lenovo ThinkPad P16 mobile workstation customers an alternative for less demanding graphics workflows, such as CAD and BIM Lenovo has become the first major workstation vendor to offer a discrete Intel...

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Nvidia RTX 6000 ‘Ada Lovelace’ GPU launches

High-end workstation GPU not only features expected generational improvements, but promises to boost performance further by changing the way viewports and scenes are rendered. Nvidia has launched the Nvidia RTX 6000, a high-end workstation GPU built on the company’s...

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