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Automatic for the people

Speckle Automate brings automation to open-source AEC platform On the pathway to BIM, AEC data flows managed to get well and truly broken. This is not ideal in a world where collaboration and interoperability are paramount. Speckle started out as a geeky product,...

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Explore how DraftSight 2D CAD stands out in AEC

When it comes to CAD choices for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) professionals, many assume their choice is limited. While many firms use a well-known software vendor as a default, they may need to be made aware of the competition. Dassault...

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Revit to be driven by natural language AI

Instead of writing codes and scripts, BIMlogiq Copilot allows users to simply type in commands Australian firm BIMlogiq is developing an Al assistant designed to transform the way users interact with Revit within the design environment. With BIMlogic Copilot, instead...

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Graphisoft launches Archicad AI Visualiser

AI engine generates ‘high-quality’ images from simple concept model Graphisoft has introduced Archicad AI Visualizer, an AI-driven image generation tool powered by Stable Diffusion. The software is designed to create detailed 3D visualisations during the early design...

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Autodesk tools to get wider access to GIS data

Esri ArcGIS Basemaps and ArcGIS Living Atlas Data to be integrated into Autodesk software environment Esri and Autodesk have entered a new phase of their strategic alliance that aims to unify GIS and BIM, by agreeing to integrate ArcGIS Basemaps and ArcGIS Living...

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