Professionals can perform energy audits of buildings, estimating both energy demand and energy consumption

Cype 2024, the latest release of the AEC focused design and analysis solution, has a major focus on sustainability with several new features and improved communication between its specialist solutions.

To help improve analyses relating to sustainability, Cype has enhanced its energy efficiency programs and improved the interconnection between them.

According to the developers, Cype offers specialists tools for carrying out real energy simulations, determining economic profitability, forecasting energy consumption and performance, and considering compliance with current codes – in new build or renovation projects.

Capabilities include energy simulation, acoustics, lighting, life cycle analysis, air conditioning, bills of quantities, solar panels, and charging points for electric vehicles.

With the new software professionals can perform energy audits of buildings, while estimating the energy demand and consumption of buildings under buildingSMART International standards.

Cype 2024 also allow users to design and analyse using systems and equipment for clean energy production such as solar thermal energy or solar PV energy, as well as others such as geothermal, aerothermal or biomass energy, etc.

For the design and analysis of photovoltaic systems, Cypelec PV Systems can be used to assess the number of solar panels that need to be installed in a building to achieve savings of between 50 and 70% of electricity costs.

The new release now includes new modelling elements, such as hybrid inverters, modular batteries and distribution panels.

Cypetherm EPlus, with the international EnergyPlus analysis engine, determines the energy demand of buildings, as well as the energy performance of air-conditioning systems, determining the energy consumption per supply system and energy vector used.

Meanwhile, for the French market, the Elodie by Cype program allows environmental impact assessments of buildings to be carried out.

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