Over 450 new photorealistic assets from Twinbru Textiles and Haworth Furniture added to 3D library

Chaos Cosmos, a free library of ready-to-render content for users of V-Ray or Chaos Corona, now offers materials and models direct from manufacturers.

To get the ball rolling, Chaos has partnered with Twinbru and Haworth, giving architects and interior designers access to 480 digital replicas of Twinbru photorealistic fabrics and Haworth furniture models, including chairs, armchairs and sofas.

According to Chaos, Twinbru and Haworth represent a growing trend that has seen manufacturers creating photorealistic copies of their designs to promote sustainability and enable customer-friendly sales tools like configurators.

“Bru Textiles and Haworth are known throughout the design world for their high-quality fabrics and office furniture, making them a constant reference for high-end visualizations,” said Kalina Maneva, product manager of Chaos Cosmos at Chaos. “By incorporating some of their top designs into Chaos Cosmos, designers can be confident that their visualisations are populated with exact replicas of the real thing.”

“Digital fabrics are the glue that hold 3D spaces together; as virtual environments become more prevalent, the need for high-quality, on-demand fabrics will only continue to grow,” says Jason Neiman, CEO of Bru Textiles. “By partnering with Chaos, we are making the transition even easier for designers and 3D artists, giving them instant access to the biggest digital fabric library on the planet.”

Along with the new Twinbru/Haworth collection, Chaos has announced the additional release of over 200 new assets, including: CGAxis (kitchen appliances, musical instruments, toys, medical equipment and more); Fisherman3D (sports cars, sedans, airplanes, watercraft, electric vehicles, etc); Globe Plants (plants, trees, bushes, etc); and Chaos (3D scanned rocks and food).

This brings the Chaos Cosmos library to over 2,000 assets, comprising what Chaos describes as the most commonly used 3D model, HDRI and material types employed every day by professional designers.

Chaos Cosmos Haworth furniture models

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