Software said to transform 4D workflows by automatically linking 3D models to schedules

Fuzor 2024, the latest release of the virtual design and construction (VDC) software from Kalloc Tech, features a new AI-powered 4D workflow designed to replace the manual task of linking 3D models to schedules.

According to the developers, with Fuzor Expert AI all projects are ‘effortlessly and intelligently’ managed in seconds. Users create a private Expert AI database and Fuzor will streamline schedule validation and automatically create 4D sequences with a single click.

Fuzor 2024 also includes a new micro scheduling system. According to Kalloc Tech, micro tasks are detailed tasks not required by the traditional macro scheduler but are essential for construction as they can call out potential issues and conflicts to ensure clash free installation and safe construction.

Kalloc Tech explains that micro tasks show how and where construction happens, whereas macro tasks show what and when construction happens. Micro-task categories encompass equipment, sequential animation, traffic, staging, temporary, and demolition.

According to the developers, the new micro schedule logic does not affect macro schedule tasks and automatically adjusts with macro schedule updates from P6, MS Project, and Powerproject, preserving all animation and visual data in the 4D models.

There have also been several updates to the way Fuzor handles the visualisation of construction equipment. Automatic Vehicle Animation Generation automatically illustrates vehicle operations on construction sites. Fuzor’s vehicle library features pre-set animations for common vehicles thanks to a new auto-generated keyframe system. Animations stay up-to-date with schedule changes.

Elsewhere, vehicle parts are now swappable so users can ‘seamlessly interchange’ common attachments on vehicles. It’s also easier to create detailed construction vehicle entrance and exit route animations. Instead of producing driving animations, keyframe-by-keyframe, users can now link vehicle animation to paths.

Fuzor 2024 includes a new micro scheduling system to help better communicate how and where construction happens

Fuzor 2024
Fuzor 2024 improves visualisation and animation of construction equipment.

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