Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), the data model specification that enables interoperability in the AECO industry, has come a very long way since the early days.

Whether you’re new to IFCs and OpenBIM, or want to dive deep into open source, IFC for infrastructure, or see how the technology is being applied in real world case studies, there’s something for everyone in AEC Magazine’s IFC Special Report, produced in collaboration with buildingSMART United Kingdom & Ireland.

Industry convergence
From sustainability to new business models, and from wellness to emerging technologies, IFC can be a force for good, driving the AEC industry to new levels of achievement

IFC: what is it and why is it needed
Emma Hooper, Associate Director and Head of R&D at Bond Bryan Digital, provides a useful overview of the IFC data model specification

Inside buildingSMART
What is buildingSMART and what can it offer industry practitioners?

IFC for Infrastructure
Perhaps the most significant update to the IFC standard is the inclusion of extensions for infrastructure entities in IFC 4.3

Native OpenBIM, and the rise of open source in AEC
OpenBIM can deliver on the promise of a digital world for the built environment where information and data are truly valued

IFC at Hinkley Point C
By Tim Davies, digital engineering manager, BYLOR JV – Hinkley Point C

Tackling the Gen Zero Project
The UK Department for Education’s Gen Zero project showcases how IFC can be used as the underlying data standard for a large, complex project, from start to finish

buildingSMART certification
By Phil Read, program lead at bSUKI and managing director, Man and Machine

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The IFC Special Report can be seen from page 67 onwards

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