SymTerra’s site communication platform facilitates communication, collaboration, and visibility across the supply chain in construction

The Nemetschek Group, which owns multiple AEC-centric software brands including Allplan, Vectorworks, Solibri, Graphisoft, has invested in the UK-based start-up SymTerra, a construction site communications platform.

SymTerra’s platform is designed to allow ‘easy, instant, and intuitive’ communication across multiple contractors on the same project. Clients, contractors and subcontractors can document works via images and video, cross reference assets and activities, and share information.

SymTerra’s founders, Sarah Crawley and John Ryan, come from the construction sector. “We’ve lived the pain of the re-work issue due to poor information and communication on our projects,” says Ryan.

“Unlike existing software where information is siloed, we allow site teams to communicate and share updates through flexible pricing and user permissions that reflect how work is actually delivered. Our users have helped refine SymTerra to be a tool that site teams want to use.”

“Miscommunication in construction generates spendings of 280 billion USD globally. SymTerra´s innovative solution is aimed at avoiding those unnecessary costs”, says Yves Padrines, CEO of the Nemetschek Group.

“We are excited to be working more closely with the inspiring team. Our global reach can support SymTerra bringing their solution to a large number of customers, making the industry more efficient and productive.”

SymTerra was used on London’s Liverpool Street Station project, for a platform extension and renovation of the station which involved installing a new crossing, platform widening, improved lighting and upgrades to signal renewals.

The software allowed the project team at MTREL to achieve ‘real-time reporting and obtain live updates from site on over 500 planned activities during a critical 10-day Easter blockade, as Matthew Stimson, MTREL Project Manager explains, “We were able to update the hour-by-hour program in real-time, identify any change to the critical path and effectively re-sequence works or re-allocate resources to ensure completion on time.

“The app allowed us to obtain comprehensive visibility over what was happening on site and enabled us to confidently report back to stakeholders on progress.”

Launched in March 2021, SymTerra is used by several leading organisations including Thames Water, MTR, Kier, Cambridge University, Balfour Beatty, and Transport for London.

Caption: Sarah Crawley and John Ryan, co-founders of SymTerra the construction site communications platform

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