NonicaTab PRO allows users to more easily deploy Dynamo Scripts in Revit toolbar

Nonica has released NonicaTab PRO, an extended version of its free Revit add-on that allows users to customise a Revit with a toolbar to run Dynamo scripts, such as those designed to automate repetitive tasks.

The toolbar can be customised with three profiles (Default, Beta, and Gamma) of 12 buttons each, which can be easily switched between at runtime.

The PRO version also allows users to import and export NonicaTab PRO toolbars and share them easily via a (.nonica) file.

When toolbars are exported, NonicaTab PRO automatically detects all the installed Dynamo packages required to run the scripts and they will be imported together with the toolbar. Users only need to ensure that they are created or resaved in a Dynamo version later than v2.3.

The PRO release also includes Input Detector, which allows NonicaTab PRO to ask for input values before executing a Dynamo script. Nonica has compiled more than 40 input nodes to make customisation easier.

The software also has some features for those that prefer to set up their own icons and scripts.

‘Refresh All’ updates all Dynamo scripts in the NonicaTab buttons in one click. All the user needs to do is to keep the modified Dynamo script in the same location with the same name as the selected button.

‘Icons’ allows the user to select any JPG or PNG image of any size and it will automatically be converted and included in the NonicaTab button. Extra set of icons of different colours are also included.

NonicaTab PRO runs Dynamo in the background and pops up any input window such as Data Shapes package input nodes. The software notifies in real time if the script was run successfully or with errors or warnings. Users can also set Dynamo scripts to run from keyboard shortcuts.

NonicaTab PRO is available from the Autodesk App Store. Prices start at $5 per month.

The software is developed by Autodesk Authorized Developer Nonica, a team of architects turned Revit programmers with expertise in Revit APIs and c# programming.

NonicaTab PRO Profile Selector
NonicaTab PRO Profile Selector

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