German developer PointCab has ported its laser canning Origins technology to BricsCAD

Expanding on its point cloud plug-in range of products, which already includes ArchiCAD and Revit, PointCab has released “4Brics Plugin” for the increasingly popular BricsCAD range from Hexagon. It takes the company’s Origins point cloud technology and adds point cloud conversion functionality to BricsCAD.

With PointCab’s Origins 4Brics Plugin, the user clicks the 3D points in layout or panorama views, and the plug-in automatically creates vector lines, circles, or rectangles in BricsCAD. The same applies to digital terrain and surface models. In addition, the “Multilines” to the user can create several single lines without interruption. By using the“UCS to WCS” and “Flatten” tool, drawings created in BricsCAD can now be shared with other software like Revit or Archicad.

Dr. Richard Steffen, CEO and Co-Founder of PointCab, commented, “A few years ago, only a handful of our customers stated that BricsCAD is their preferred CAD software. This has changed a lot. However, what hasn’t changed is the need for a solution that facilitates and speeds up the modelling of point clouds in BricsCAD. Our development team worked closely with the BricsCAD experts from our customer base and excessively studied their workflows. That’s why we’re confident that our plugin will simplify the workflow of many BricsCAD users going forward and, believe it or not, it’s also the most affordable solution on the market”.

More information about the new BricsCAD plugin can be found on the PointCab website or in this introductory video.

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