Users can now bring Revit models into SketchUp ‘faster and more accurately’

Trimble has launched a new import tool for SketchUp 2023 that enables Revit models to be converted into SketchUp geometry ‘faster and more accurately’, and resulting in ‘much lighter models.’

The new Revit Importer for Studio preserves model structures between Revit and SketchUp. According to Trimble, Revit families and layers neatly translate to groups, components, and tags in SketchUp, meaning users can save hours or even days of model cleanup.

Revit levels are translated to SketchUp section planes, while Revit material colours and transparencies are respected during import.

Other new features for SketchUp 2023 include improved flip transformations that lets users pre-visualise the outcome of flips to ‘model more predictably’; and an improved LayOut tool which now includes the ability to manage imported DWG files as references.

The Revit Importer is available natively inside SketchUp’s desktop application. Customers with Studio subscriptions can access the feature once they update to the 2023 version.

Customers with Pro subscriptions can install the Importer in SketchUp 2023 and then initiate a trial to evaluate the new workflow. No Revit license is required.

SketchUp Studio subscription also includes V-Ray 6 for visualisation and Scan Essentials for importing point cloud data.

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