Digital twin platform designed to help optimize energy efficiency and space usage in buildings

SmartViz, a digital twin platform designed to help building managers optimize energy efficiency and space usage, is now integrated with the Bentley iTwin platform.

The SmartViz platform provides real-time access to data and insights about how a building is used. Data can be integrated from diverse systems and sensors into a 3D visual environment.

As well as identifying where energy is being wasted, it allows predictive modelling so building owners or managers can see how different scenarios, such as weather conditions or occupancy rates, would impact energy usage, providing more control over costs.

Now powered by iTwin, SmartViz offers users a ‘comprehensive’ digital twin that records, monitors, tracks, instantly alerts and optimises asset performance. With advanced 3D visualisations, real-time data analytics, predictive day-in-the-life simulation and scenario planning, users can optimise their buildings, assets, with a view to creating a more productive and energy-efficient building.

“The majority of buildings over 1,000 square metres in the UK were built in an era when energy consumption was not a major concern,” said Dr Shrikant Sharma, founder and CEO of SmartViz.  “But with the Government’s net zero strategy demanding

decisive action from businesses, and the current fuel crisis impacting every supply chain, the need to optimise how we use energy in our commercial, educational and retail spaces has become a key issue. The data and insights SmartViz provides makes that possible.”

SmartViz has been used across all building types, including educational estates, cultural places, transport hubs, and workplaces. According to the London-based company, it saved Vodafone $40m in excess property and energy costs.

SmartViz implementation with iTwin Platform for a School in Scotland

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