Collaboration to help drive decarbonisation and optimises profitability of built environment assets

Climate tech company IES and global construction consultancy Soben have formed a strategic partnership to help prioritise decarbonisation in the built environment and make it more financially feasible.

The agreement will enable Soben’s ‘accurate and up-to-date’ cost data to be incorporated into IES’ ‘digital twin’ technology.

The aim is to provide organisations with data-driven insights to help make informed decisions and accelerate the journey towards net-zero carbon emissions. Firms can ‘roadmap’ energy, carbon, capital, and operational savings, while simultaneously considering resource use, transport, social, and economic factors.

According to IES, the joint offering capitalises on the strengths of the two companies. Soben brings its expertise in commercial and cost analysis to help ensure the financial viability of sustainability initiatives. IES contributes its technical engine, to accurately model and simulates real-world assets.

“Our partnership with IES marks a significant milestone in our shared mission to make sustainability affordable,” said Pieter Schaap, Director at Soben. “We believe that sustainability should not be pursued blindly, but rather approached intelligently to ensure maximum impact with every investment made. By harnessing the power of our joint offering, we empower clients to embrace sustainability as a strategic advantage while achieving meaningful cost savings.”

“Decarbonisation is high on everyone’s agenda as ambitious net zero targets loom, but achieving this will be no easy feat. IES’s digital twin technology aids clients by setting out a clear path to net zero and, when combined with up-to-date cost data, organisations can ensure they are also optimising asset profitability too,” adds Don McLean, IES founder and CEO.

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