Allows architects, designers and clients to see projects in 3D without glasses or VR headsets

Sony has unveiled its second-generation spatial reality display, the Sony ELF-SR2, featuring a 27-inch screen, expanding on the original’s 15.6 inches, and wider tool compatibility.

Sold for just over £4,000, it targets designers and developers who want to see their projects in three dimensions without glasses or a VR headset.

Sony said that the expanded 4K screen can more accurately track viewers’ eyes for a smoother 3D presentation.

Highlights of the new offering include an upgraded high-speed vision sensor, image quality enhancing technologies, and installation flexibility. Additionally, the ELF-SR2 promises to enable more robust functionality through its support of applications and development.

Optimised for industrial design, surgical planning, architecture, engineering, construction, signage, retail, software and application development, game developers, and entertainment applications, Sony offers ‘streamlined development’ through software development kits (SDKs).

While the first-gen model only supported Unity and Unreal Engine, the Sony ELF-SR2 also allows for development with OpenGL and DirectX 11/12.

Sony said users will be able to build VR and AR content on-display in real-time using OpenXR later this year.

Using the Sketchfab API, Spatial Reality Display users will be able to download and view 3D models from SketchFab, a platform for 3D and AR on the web.

SHoP Architects is using the Spatial Reality Display for client presentations and has developed a mobile app to wirelessly control and navigate 3D models on it.

Sony also offers a Spatial Reality Display player, which supports FBX, OBJ, GLTF and STL formats.

“Our original Spatial Reality Display continues to captivate customers by bringing 3D content to life with an astonishing authenticity and sophistication that demands to be experienced hands-on,” said Rich Ventura, Sony VP of professional display solutions.

“While our users love the technology, we keep hearing the same question from professionals: ‘does this display come in a larger size?’,” he continued.

“As we expand into more B2B verticals and environments, I’m happy to say that in addition to a bigger screen, we’ve added some powerful and commonly requested features to enhance content production.

“These include a wider colour gamut, a newly developed engine, more advanced high-speed sensors, and rich support for applications and their development, all for an extremely competitive price.”

Like its predecessor, the Sony ELF-SR2 supports the Adobe sRGB colour gamut and a 6,500K colour temperature and features 10-bit colour depth.

The ELF-SR2 will ship in May and will be displayed at the Las Vegas NAB Show from April 16-19, the Santa Clara Augmented World Expo from May 31 to June 2, and the Orlando IfoComm from June 14-16.

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