Technology-agnostic joint venture from Topcon and Bentley Systems now wholly owned by Topcon

Topcon Positioning Systems has purchased construction software and data integrations and services company Digital Construction Works (DCW).

DCW’s services and software integration platform is designed to help construction industry customers navigate and maximize the use of construction data made available across multiple apps and software.

DCW was formed in 2019 as a technology-agnostic joint venture from Topcon and Bentley Systems. It drew on Topcon’s expertise in surveying, on-site execution and the capture of as-built assets, and Bentley’s knowledge of engineering design, project information management and asset maintenance.

Today, the DCW team continues to focus on integrations that connect a project’s planning and design phase with the construction and field completion phases. This ‘office-to-site’ connection provides automated workflows and ‘insightful visualization and reporting’ within a secure user-facing integration platform.

“DCW enables the connection of the job site and the office,” said Jason Hallett, vice president and general manager, DCW. “Automation and the availability of integrated and aggregated data provide greater insights into project performance and status.

“Now, as part of Topcon, our integrations platform enhances the value of Topcon’s interoperability with third-party software typically used to execute machine-guided operations. This saves users time and money by automating report generation and eliminating manual data entry across a multi-vendor and multi-stakeholder project environment.”

“Bringing the DCW team to Topcon absolutely increases the value of our existing solutions,” said Murray Lodge, executive vice president and general manager, Topcon. “For decades, Topcon has combined multiple sensors and technologies to increase efficiency and simplify heavy equipment operations across multiple manufacturers. Now, we expand that value proposition to include automating data exchanges with design and planning tools and software typically used on construction projects, as well as integrations with popular software utilised by contractors for managing assets, people and materials.”

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