Software designed to help architects create, collaborate, manage, optimize, and present designs in a real-world ‘Metaverse’

TwinUp is a new AI-driven architectural software tool for creating, managing, optimising, and presenting 3D design models and project images.

The platform is powered by ‘Arch-e’, an AI-driven personal assistant that processes ‘vast amounts’ of data in real-time to transform the design process from beginning to end.’

The software suite is currently in beta and includes three integrated apps: TwinUp Community, TwinUp Building, and TwinUp World.

TwinUp Community is a free virtual design portfolio and social media platform just for architects. Users upload, enhance, organize, and share images and videos of their design work with private groups and the larger architectural community at their choosing.

TwinUp Building is a 3D digital twin maker app that helps architects convert their 3D models (BIM, et. al.) into what TwinUp describes as digital twin models. TwinUp Building’s visualisation features and simulation capabilities allow users to render, analyse, optimize, present, and share their models with peers and clients.

TwinUp World is a 3D virtual digital twin model of the earth whereupon users can place their 3D project models for analysis, enhancement, rendering, and presentation in their proper local site context. Features include advanced navigation tools, data layers, rendering tools, multi-party collaboration interfaces, and simulation features. An App Store of plug-in modules adds a selection of ML-based design simulation capabilities, from simple daylight studies to more complex carbon emissions simulations for single and multiple buildings.

TwinUp Community is slated to launch early this summer (2023), and TwinUp World is expected to launch later this Autumn (2023). The TwinUp Beta Program is currently accepting applications from practicing architects.

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